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5 Reasons to Work Remote in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Oct 25, 2023 | Expat Life, News, Working in Dominican Republic

If you’re looking for a sign to move to the Dominican Republic (DR) and work remotely, here it is. The beautiful Dominican Republic beaches are so close to our Cabarete villas! Need a little more convincing? We have five fantastic reasons listed below! Read on to learn more about the five reasons Casa Linda thinks you should move to the DR.

You Enjoy Sandy Beaches and Summer Days

The Dominican Republic can be your own special paradise from which to work every day. We have a steady 28 degrees almost year-round, meaning no harsh winters in need of thick jackets. Our gated community is less than 10 minutes from the closest beach, or you are more than free to use your own private pool in your backyard! Experience summer on repeat, without the fear of hurricanes, when you live in the DR with Casa Linda.

You Are Ready to Invest Responsibly

Cabarete villas are your way to make your eternal vacation a financially sound investment. Instead of throwing away your money on rent in Canada and the US, why not invest that into your very own villa? Dominican Republic real estate has been increasing in popularity over the past decade: Now’s your chance to take some land before the market is oversaturated. Earn interest on your villa while spending less on daily living expenses.

The Cost of Living Here is Lower

Want your remote income to go further? The cost of living in Cabarete villas is lower than living in the Western world. You can get more out of your dollar here in the Dominican Republic than in Canada or the US. Lunch for two at a restaurant for only $15 USD? Yes, please! Or, take your $15 and buy yourself a coffee every day for a week. All while living in your own villa, starting at only $229K USD.

You Want to Make Expat Friends

Our gated community of Cabarete villa owners is filled with like-minded people looking to make expat friends. Eat dinner on a themed night with your neighbors, or have them over for a barbecue! There are so many things that you can do with the owners of Casa Linda villas. You’ll meet friendly new people in the community or locals even walking around. We love making new friends in the DR!

Adventurous Days and Exciting Nights

No matter the season, Casa Linda allows opportunities for owners of Cabarete villas to meet and mingle. Summer barbecues, autumn Jazz Festivals, holiday specials, and more will keep you busy amongst all of the local activities we have to offer! Themed restaurant nights and town events will add to this list, making sure you are never bored. That said, we like to relax and take things slow in the Dominican Republic. So don’t worry about attending it all!

Work from Your Own Cabarete Villa

Let Casa Linda help enhance your working remotely experience through our range of villas available to be customized to your liking. Work in style on one of the most beautiful islands in the world! Contact us today to learn more about our villas!

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