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Retire in the Tropics With Casa Linda

Are you preparing to retire and looking to move to a country where snow isn’t a problem? If so, then the Dominican Republic is the destination for you! The DR has been home to a vibrant expatriate community for over 40-years. As a welcoming country, the DR has many incentives and benefits for those looking to retire abroad. Casa Linda is here to help you move into this next phase of your life. Below we’ll discuss some of the benefits of retiring to the Dominican Republic from Canada. 

Maintaining and caring for your well-being is a high priority when planning for retirement. If you’re planning to relocate abroad, ensuring your new country has a comparable healthcare system to our Canadian one is crucial. Fortunately, the Dominican Republic offers a healthcare system that is affordable and high-quality. With state-of-the-art facilities and experts available to provide care in English and Spanish, maintaining your health is no different from what you’re already used to!

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The Dominican Republic is exceptionally welcoming to expatriates and overseas investors, making it easy to retire abroad. The residency process is simple, and there are few barriers to foreign homeownership. The DR even offers a range of incentives to encourage foreign property owners! That means settling into retirement in the DR is straightforward and headache-free. As long as you are open and honest about your financial situation, you should be able to settle into your new home quickly. 

In the past several decades, the Dominican Republic has made considerable efforts to increase safety and stability within the country. Today the DR is considered one of the safest locations in the Caribbean. That means the only safety precautions you should take when spending time in the DR are the same precautions you would take at home in Canada. Casa Linda’s gated communities feature 24/7 on-site security and trustworthy staff you can depend on for additional safeness. 

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Luxury Villas to Call Home

Finally, feeling at home is crucial to ensuring your retirement is as relaxing as possible. At Casa Linda, we have a range of villa floorplans available to make you feel right at home. Also, our villas are customizable to suit your exact needs. With over 30-years of experience under our belts, Casa Linda is sure to design your villa with your happiness and safety in mind. 

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Ready for Retirement?
Retiring in the Dominican Republic is an excellent option if you’re looking for a change of pace, stunning views, and an enriched quality of life at an affordable price. Casa Linda is here to assist you as you move from our cold Canadian climate towards a tranquil tropical life. Contact our team today to learn more!