Tuesday, December 1st @ 7 pm Central Time OR 

Wednesday, December 2nd @ 11 am Central Time

Affordable Luxury in Paradise.

The Dominican Republic is a great place to retire or own a vacation home.  Property ownership is safe and similar to your home country. Get insights from real estate pros who were foreign buyers just like you!


Find out how so many Americans and Canadians got rid of their snow shovels and have a tropical lifestyle, either full or part time!  You can escape winter too!

Learn About:

Why Choose the Dominican Republic?

It’s not just fun in the sun.  It’s about service, infrastructure & government.  Find out why the DR is such a popular expat area for North Americans.

Real Estate: Fully Owned Villas and Condos

Learn about types of property available for sale, prices, gated communities, lock-up-and-leave condos/villas, full ownership titles, buying process, financing and taxes.

What's Caribbean life really like?

The Dominican Republic is a healthier, happier lifestyle choice.  Learn about the cost of living, community, medical services, shopping, driving, banking, insurance, Internet, language, things to do, and more.

Specialized Services For Expats

Fully managed properties.  The DR is a perfect location for a vacation home with full onsite services available for absentee owners. Full administration services means villas and condos are totally taken care of.  Full time retirees can enjoy a no work lifestyle with lots of onsite amenities and services too.

Renting Your Property

The DR is a tourist area with a demand for vacation properties.  Your condo or villa can cover costs and take care of itself.


Tuesday, December 1st @ 7 pm Central Time OR 

Wednesday, December 2nd @ 11 am Central Time


This informal webinar is all about useful information and will leave lots of time for your questions.

Casa Linda Villas & Condos:

Hear from our owners and learn more about what a Casa Linda Community offers.

Your Webinar Hosts:

Colleen Valerio
Colleen Valerio

Casa Linda Marketing

Colleen has helped buyers escape winter and find a place in the DR for over 14-years. She has extensive knowledge of the foreign buying process, the ins and outs of the DR,  and just what island life is really like. Experience counts.

Nasira Jamal
Nasira Jamal


Naisira has been serving buyers since 2003. She was an industry leader in the Canadian real estate market and now uses her experience help buyers discover all the DR has to offer. 

Vickey Tetley
Vickey Tetley

Real Estate Agent

Vicki is a dynamo who works extra hard for buyers and really knows the DR.  She offers a unique insight about the area and what it has to offer as a whole. We are glad to welcome Vicki to our webinar.

Casa Linda Communities

Casa Linda Communities

27-years of experience

Casa Linda Communities has been developing and managing DR projects for over 27-years.

We are about building quality communities that offer more than just a house or condo – we offer a true Caribbean lifestyle where neighbours are friends. Great onsite services like full administration, rental program, housekeeping/garden/pool and maintenance programs make us a lock up and leave project too.

Whether full time or part time, a Casa Linda villa or condo has it all. Find out why we are the best developer on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.